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High End Mastering

Ed Littman Mastering offers a High End Mastering Studio that includes services such as audio mastering, digital editing , vinyl declicking transfers, voice overs, Guitar and Bass reamping .Ed Littman Mastering is a Digital CD Mastering Studio NYC in NJ. Included are FAQs about Digital CD Mastering NYC, music mastering, audio mastering and high end mastering in NYC and NJ at Ed Littman Mastering. Check out Audio Samples of some recent projects from a NJ Digital CD Mastering , music mastering, audio mastering and NYC high end mastering studio. Bring your Vinyl records 33,45 & 78 rpm for Vinyl Music Restoration that can include declicking, Digital CD Mastering NYC, Audio Mastering. Emastering and Special Music Mastering at Ed Littman mastering.. Specializing in High End Mastering Studio work, audio and digital CD production the Ed Littman Mastering Studio can bring your CD Mastering project new life . Discover the quality of high end mastering, audio mastering, Digital CD Mastering NYC. Read from national artists about their experience with Digital CD Mastering NYC by Ed Littman Mastering. Recording artists Rave about Ed Littman and the Digital CD Mastering NYC Studio in NJ. Learn about the Digital CD Mastering Equipment on site to make your project roar with clarity at a High End Mastering and Audio Mastering Studio NYC. Ed Littman Mastering serves Nationwide Recording Artists, Producers, Mix Engineers and Musicians a deluxe Digital CD Mastering NYC, high end mastering, audio mastering, and digital CD mastering NYC services . Specialized services include Vinyl Transfers, Digital Editing, Guitar & Bass re-amping and Voice overs. Contact Ed Littman for studio details at a high end mastering Digital CD Mastering studio NYC in NJ for audio music mastering, and vinyl declicking transferring, archiving.

Digital CD Mastering Studio NYC